How opentaps Can Bridge the Clean Energy Gap

The start of a new year (decade?) is a good time for reflecting, so I wrote a post for the Meeting of the Mind about how we could bridge the clean energy gap.

While many clean energy technologies are becoming mature and could be adopted profitably, our overall progress towards clean energy is still achingly slow. The reason is that our utilities have made energy very easy. This is a good thing, of course, but it also means that clean energy technologies must be just as easy for our customers. In practice, it means that they should require neither capital investment nor risk for customers.

In the new year, we’ll be implementing some of the ideas in the post with opentaps. In addition to integrating with building energy data, we will be adding meter data, measurement & verification (M&V), and financial transactions to make opentaps a complete platform for managing and financing clean energy technologies.

Whether you’re a building owner or manager, technology vendor, service provider, utility, public agency, or private foundation, you will be able to use opentaps to manage a portfolio of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and structure financing for them.

If this sounds like a big goal for us, it is. But we’ve all got to hurry: 2030 will be here before we know it, and we need to act quickly to stop climate change.