Article on Tagging Published in Haystack Connect

If you’re working with energy efficiency, you’ve probably long realized how important tagging your data is. We’ve certainly seen that in our recent project for a major municipality’s building portfolio.

To help them tag all the data coming out of their buildings, we’ve built features for creating and maintaing tagging rules. Now you can use opentaps to create sets of rules that can be run on the fields from BACNet to determine which points are temperature, which points are set points, etc. You can save and export the rules and reuse them at another site. There are also features for previewing tags before you run the rules and reviewing the rules afterwards, in case corrections need to be made.

Based on that experience, I’ve written an article for Project Haystack’s Haystack Connect magazineThis is a more general perspective on the processes for tagging building energy data and integrating rules, machine learning, and engineers into a coherent process. I hope this is helpful as you start to plan your projects.