Using Blockchain and Carbon Certifications to Accelerate Clean Energy

So you got the Clean Energy bug. You invested in energy efficiency projects at your buildings, added renewable energy, or maybe purchased Renewable Energy Certificates to make your building run on 100% clean energy.

That’s great! We’re all grateful for what you’ve done for the planet and to stop climate change.

But now what?

How do you get paid back for your investments? Will your buildings rent faster? Will you get a higher rent for your space? Will you get better tenants?

You would if your tenants could have proof that your buildings are truly are zero carbon buildings, especially if your tenants needed to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their own sustainability mandates, or those of their major corporate customers.

In today’s market, the first part is time consuming and expensive. The second part is pretty much impossible.

The blockchain, however, could solve both problems. Your energy use, including renewables and REC’s, could be recorded on an immutable ledger. It could be privately audited and certified by independent third parties, while keeping critical business information confidential. The audit could then generate a token of your zero carbon footprint, which could be transferred to your tenants and their customers.

This is the goal of a project we’re starting as part of Hyperledger. We hope you’ll join us.