Actionable Climate Investing

Open Climate Investing, our open source project to make climate investing relevant and actionable, is now released.  

Using a simple model, it calculates the market-implied climate risk of publicly traded stocks in the Energy industry.

Take a look at and see the open source book on climate investing.  

The Open Offsets Directory

The voluntary carbon offsets market has long been held back by a lack of transparency.  We believe the solution is a decentralized data common built with blockchain that encourages market participants to share their data.

A prototype using live data is now available at 

To learn more about voluntary carbon offsets market, see our research paper, partly funded by the Linux and Hyperledger Foundations.

From Energy to Emissions

This demo shows how we’re taking utility bills from Green Button XML and storing them on a permissioned data channel with Hyperledger Fabric.

This is an implementation of the audited emissions data channel, the first part of our Operating System for Climate Action.

To try it yourself, see our blockchain carbon accounting project on Github.

Emissions Tokens on Blockchain

Take a look at an emissions tokens network, which allows emissions auditors, REC dealers, emissions offsets dealers, and consumers to tract emissions and trade offsets on an Ethereum blockchain.

This is an implementation of the emissions tokens network, the second part of our Operating System for Climate Action.

Click here to read more, or here for a tutorial on how we built it.

Open Source Energy Management

Check out our videos to learn more about opentaps SEAS and our open source business model for energy.  

See the documentation on how to install, use, deploy, and develop with opentaps SEAS yourself.

Follow our blog for the latest news and articles about opentaps.

M&V Model Chart Example

Make M&V Believable Again

opentaps brings together data from utility meter and building equipment in one platform.  Advanced statistical models are included with opentaps and amazingly easy to build.
The result: Building managers, ESCO developers, and contractors all have access to the same data and models.  They can all see building-level energy use and detailed equipment performance to understand and verify energy savings.
By making both data and software openly available, M&V can bring together all parties and achieve greater energy efficiency, instead of being a source of disagreement and mistrust.  Read more about how we’re doing it.

For more information about opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM, please click here.