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New development: Grafana dashboards

We've been working with the Grafana people on improving the ability to create dashboards for your data!

Here's a summary of some new features we are planning:

1.  In Grafana, a custom panel which allows you to use some combination of tags as criteria.  They could be marker tags (ahu, rtu) or key-value tags (siteRef=ABC)
2.  Set up dashboards in the panel with their own tags, for example dashboard 1 = (temp), dashboard 2 = (pressure), etc.  Then each dashboard will use these plus the parent panel's tags, so a panel could be set up with several dashboards for the same site or for the same type of equipment.  For example, we could have a panel that monitors the temperatures of all the AHU's and another panel that monitors all the equipment for one particular site.
3.  UI in Grafana to modify and save the dashboards, so a user could create the dashboards, save them, and then load them back later.
4.  The dashboards will show up in Grafana and in the opentaps UI.
Feel free to leave your suggestions or comments below.