Transfer Shipment

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Introduction to Transfer Shipments

A transfer shipment is a shipment which transfers inventory between two warehouses. These are for products which need to be transferred from a backup facility to another primary facility. Transfer shipments are created from Transfer Requirements which have been approved. When they are approved, they can be aggregated into a Transfer Shipment, which can then cause inventory transfers to occur between the facilities.

When you try to send an outgoing transfer shipment, the system will check that there is sufficient inventory in the originating warehouse. If there is not sufficient inventory, you will get an error. Then, you must modify the original transfer requirements and the shipment to conform with the quantity available.

If there are several different quantities (inventory items) available of the product being transferred, quantities will be reserved for the transfer shipment based on the priority for use of the backup warehouse inventory, refer to Configure Warehouses Screen.

When you receive the transfer shipment in the destination warehouse, you can receive a quantity which is different than that on the transfer shipment. The difference will be charged off as "lost in transit".

You can group a series of transfer requirements into a transfer shipment.

Using Transfer Shipments