Developing Jasper Report Solutions for Opentaps

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In this document we will cover the full development of a Jasper Report solution for opentaps. The goal is to cover enough information so that you can create any kind of report or document desired.

The basis for this tutorial is the customer statement PDF that can be generated in the financials application.

It is generated from the Balances by Customer report in the receivables tab. There are many features built into this particular document, which makes it an ideal candidate for study.

The PDF contains one statement for each party that was selected. Each statement contains the following information,

  1. Customer's billing address (or print not on file)
  2. Company's logo, address, phone number and other contact information
  3. A list of invoices that have open (unpaid) amounts
    1. If the invoice is open and has a due date, then show the number of days since the invoice date to the statement date (age date)
  4. All invoice payments made in the 30 days prior to the statement date
    1. If the payment is to an invoice that was already paid off, then display the closed invoice for reference
  5. Total open amount, which must be paid by customer (sum of open amounts)
  6. Date brackets showing how much is past due and when.
    1. If any amount is past due, a large PAST DUE will be displayed on the statement
  7. Layout designed for perforated page with perforation running down the right side
    1. Information repeated on both sides for purposes of customer and return receipt

As you can see, this is a complex set of information that must be further grouped by partyId. We will cover all the steps in creating this document.

Development Process