Configuring Users and Permissions

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To configure your users, login to the party manager ("Parties and Users" on the default splash page) as the admin user. Create them as new persons or employees, and then create a user login and password for them. Then, click on the link for "Security Groups" next to the username to configure security permissions to the opentaps applications for your users. Some of the permissions are:

* PRCH_MANAGER for the purchasing application
* WRHS_MANAGER, WRHS_SHIPPER for the warehouse application
* SALES_MANAGER, SALES_REP, CSR, CSR_B2C for the CRM, customer service, order entry application
* FINANCIALS_xxxx for the financials application

Users to the CRM/SFA application should also have a role associated with them, which you can configure by clicking on the "Roles" tab in party manager for your user. You should add one of the following roles:

* Sales Manager
* Sales Representative
* Customer Service Representative

By default, the admin user is only allowed access to the administrative applications. If you to give your admin user access to the other applications, you will need to add permissions for him as well in the party manager.

See also Security permissions for users