Commission Report Screen

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This screen allows you to generate a PDF report of commissions earned by all Sales Reps in the system. You may constrain the report to include commissions earned in a certain date range.

Clicking the [Submit] button will generate the report.

The report shows the following:

  • Sales Rep - The sales representative who is earning commission
  • Customer - The sales invoice subject to commission
  • INV # - Sales invoice ID
  • INV Total - Total value of the sales invoice
  • Invoice Date - Date the invoice was created
  • PMT Date - When commission is earned on payment, the date the sales payment was received
  • PMT - Amount of the sales payment
  • Commission - Commission earned by agent

The commission earned does not include manual adjustments made to a commission invoice. It represents what was commissioned by agreement.

Commissions can be earned either when the sales invoice is set to ready or when a payment is received. When they are earned on payment receipt, the commission breakdown is by each payment received. For more information about this, please see the Commission Timing section of View Commission Agreement Screen#Commission_Timing