Shipment Method Types

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Types of Shipping Methods (but not the Carriers Providing the services) are configured in this screen. Proceed as follows to define them.

* Open: [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application]] drop down box > [Shipping] link, the following Tab opens,
* [Shipment Method Types] Tab -- Various shipping services are defined generically
* The display "List Shipping Method Types" box shows methods available for this Store.  The list displays:
  * Shipment Method Type Id -- One of the available type definitions
  * Description -- Describes the method type
  * Sequence Num -- Display list sequence is in the order of these numeric values which are optional entries
* To remove an entry, Click: [Remove] button on the line to be deleted.

To add another Shipping Method Type to the list, making it available in the Store, proceed to the "Edit Shipment Method Types" box at the bottom of the screen. Proceed as follows:

* Enter: "Shipping Method Type ID" for a new type of service you need to add. (See the CAUTION below.)
* Enter: A description of the service
* Enter: an options Sequence Num to position the new line in the list box.
* Click: [Submit] to save the entries.
    CAUTION: The "Shipping Method Type ID" that you enter here is a system ID that has special rules.
    The ID must contain only letters and numbers or dash "-" or underscore "_".
    Do not use any special characters or other punctuation marks in the ID. 
    A system ERROR may result if the rule is not followed. 

This completes entry of the "Shipping Method Type ID".