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Sales teams in opentaps CRM/SFA application are groups of people who usually work together as a team with a certain set of pre-defined roles and permissions. A sales team can be created in advance with all the people and their responsibilities with the Create Team Screen. It can then be assigned to an account when the account is first created or when an account has no team members associated with it. When the team is associated with the account, each team member is added to the account in its role from the sales team. However, the account’s team manager or account owner can reassign team members or change their responsibility, so the real team working on any account at any one time could be very different than the “usual” work team. In this way, the sales team in CRM/SFA is very different than a “military unit," where a team has fixed membership and hierarchy and is assigned to various accounts with always the same members in the same roles.

Note that team members are internal users of opentaps and need to be created using the Party Manager application. See Creating New Team Members.