Reverting a Production Run

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A production run that has been created but has not been started can be canceled as explained in the View Production Run page. However, once a production run has been started, it can no longer be canceled, but it can be stopped.

Stop a Production Run

Stopping the production run is referred to as reverting it, as discussed in the View Production Run screen. When a production run is reverted, all of the outstanding tasks which have not yet been completed, including the tasks which are still running, will be canceled. The production run's status will be changed to Reverted, and it will also be removed from the manufacturing calendar.

To Revert a Production Run that is "Confirmed" or is Running Tasks, access the 
   View Production Run screen as follows:
From the Main Navigation screen, Click: 
   [Warehouse] Icon > [Manufacturing] Tab > [Find Production Run] button,
Enter search criteria, or leave the criteria blank, Click: [Find] 
The List of all Production Runs meeting your criteria is presented in chronological order,
Click: Production Run Name (and ID) to open that "View Production Run" screen.

The top of this page displays general information about the Production Run, and in the upper right hand corner it displays the [Revert] button, if the run can be stopped, or it displays the [Cancel] button if the run can still be canceled.

To Stop the Production Run, Click: [Revert]

About the Inventory of a Reverted Production Run

The inventory issued to a reverted production run will be returned to the warehouse as raw material for use in future production runs. Currently, all inventory will be returned. If this is not realistic because some of the inventory of materials and parts were used, you can use the Adjust Quantities Screen to adjust inventory quantities after a production run has been reverted and to scrap inventory items which cannot be used again.