Manage Lockbox Batches

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Click this User Manual link for an introduction to Payments Lockbox services and file formats.



To access this screen from the opentaps Main Navigation screen, proceed as follows:

Click: [Financials] Icon > [Receivables] Tab > [Manage Lockbox Batches] link,
The "Manage Lockbox Batches" screen will open.

Selecting a Lockbox to Process

On the top half of the screen, you will see a list called the "Pending Lockbox Batches" which are currently not completed, and therefore available for further processing. These are lockbox batches which have been uploaded and which still have an outstanding amount greater than zero.for each lockbox batch, the following data is shown:

  • lockbox batch ID
  • date and time when the lockbox batch was created
  • original amount of all the checks in the batch
  • outstanding amount of the remaining checks which have not been processed.

Once all the checks have been processed and the outstanding amount is zero, the lockbox batch will no longer show on the screen.

Processing Details for a Lockbox

You can click on the lockbox batch ID to go to the Lockbox Batch Details screen.

Upload Another Lockbox for Processing

Below the list of lockbox batches, there is a small form to upload a new lockbox batch file.

For a discussion of Lockbox Batch Files Formats, please refer to the User Guide section, Payments_Lockbox#Lockbox_File_Format.