Carrier Shipment Methods

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The various Carrier Shipment Methods (services) are configured in this screen. Proceed as follows to define them.

* Open: [Catalog] > [Catalog Manager Application]] drop down box > [Shipping] link, the following Tab opens,
* [Shipment Method Types] Tab -- Various shipping services are defined generically
* The display "List Shipping Method Types" opens, and the box shows methods available for this Store.
* Click: [Carrier Shipment Methods] Tab, the "List Carrier Shipment Methods" page opens displaying the methods and carriers currently available for this Store.  The display includes these columns:
  ** Shipment Method Type Id -- Displays the description field of a "Shipment Method Type ID" (this is not the 
     ID itself).
  ** Party Id -- Displays the Party_ID of the Carrier offering the service described on this line.
  ** Role Type Id -- This is always "Carrier".
  ** Seq. Num.	-- A numeric value to order the whole list according to the Seq Num.
  ** Carrier Service Code -- The Carrier's own code for this particular shipping service.
* To remove an entry, Click: [Remove] button on the line to be deleted.
* To edit an entry, Click: [Edit] button on the line to be changed.  Refer to the next instructions when editing which is like adding an entry.

To add another Carrier Shipping Method to the list, making it available in the Store, proceed to the "Edit Carrier Shipment Methods" box at the bottom of the screen. Proceed as follows:

* Select: "Shipping Method Type ID" from the drop down box, for a new type of service you need to add.
  (These drop down box entries are defined in the last section Shipment Method Types.
* Enter or Look-up: Party_ID of the desired Carrier
* Leave: "Roll Type ID" should not be changed, it is "Carrier".
* Enter: an optional Sequence Num to position the new line in the list box.
* In the "Carrier Service Code" field, 
* Enter: the service code -- the Carrier's own service code 
* Click: [Submit] to save the changes or new entry.

This completes entry of the "Carrier Shipping Method".