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opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Version 0.9

opentaps Version 0.9 was released at MySQL Users Conference in April 2006 and has been continually enhanced since then.  In addition to all the features of Version 0.8, Version 0.9 features many additional features plus two new integrated modules.  The new CRM/SFA module is a browser-based CRM application which supports tracking of leads, contacts, accounts, cases, and opportunities and generate sales forecasts.  The new Financials modules supports posting of business transactions such as invoices and payments to a general ledger and produces financial statements and reports.

In addition, there will be important enhancements to the handling of order returns, sales taxes, work efforts and overall improvements to order entry and processing. 

Key new features by module include the following.


  • Re-factored sales and VAT tax model to address both US and international tax rules
  • Invoice number sequencing can now be configured to comply with local regulations
  • Support for time sheets, including generating invoices based on time sheet data.
  • Manually create, edit, approve invoices and payments and apply payments to invoices
  • Support for a financial account with revolving balance, such as gift cards, calling cards, customer accounts, etc.


  • Standards-compliant, double entry accounting general ledger
  • Post invoices, payments, returns, inventory receipts, shipments, and variances to General Ledger
  • Generate financial statements including trial balance, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements
  • Support for customer billing accounts, finance charges, and sales commissions
  • Generate accounts receivables and payables reports, including customer balances, invoice aging, customer statements, and tax balances.
  • Manual General Ledger entries and postings
  • Multi-organizational with unlimited hierarchy of organizations and general ledger accounts



  • Create leads, contacts, and accounts
  • Convert leads into contacts or contacts and accounts
  • Create and assign sales teams with different privileges to accounts
  • Create and track customer requests (cases) and sales opportunities through conclusion
  • Generate sales forecasts based sales opportunities
  • Manage tasks and events, including email, phone calls, and meetings, through a calendar
  • Track all activities related to leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases

Orders and Ecommerce

  • Re-factored return module so that product items, adjustments, and taxes are created as separate line items.  Users now have the ability to modify returns.  Returns are now created as invoices (credit memos), and taxes and adjustments are posted to the correct GL accounts.
  • Streamlined order entry process in order manager.
  • Streamlined processing of purchase order items in shipment and facility manager.
  • New order processing screens to pack orders, schedule shipments, and print labels en masse.
  • Packing station features, such as mass-packing orders and generating packing lists.
  • Support for quotes and shopping lists.
  • Support for vendor-promotions in purchasing.
  • Support for downloadable digital products such as music and video and support for customers to upload their own products.


  • Integrated marketing campaign management and campaign visit and conversion rates.
  • Create and manage lists for both email and print marketing campaigns
  • Send and record emails in plain text or HTML format to individual customers and to members of contact lists.
  • Send email confirmations with PDF attached.


  • Standard cost calculation for manufactured products based on fixed asset usage, labor, material, and production task costs.
  • Estimating manufacturing production run times based on formula.

Content Management

  • Parsing of multiple document types through integrated OpenOffice modules
  • Team authoring and approval controls for composite documents
  • Generation of PDFs of composite documents built from multiple formats

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