Solving the error unable to rename old file FOO to temporary file on Windows

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Because of how the file locking works on Windows you may see this error:

 D:\eclipse\workspace\opentaps-1.4\build.xml:50: The following error occurred while executing this line:
 D:\eclipse\workspace\opentaps-1.4\build.xml:227: The following error occurred while executing this line:
 D:\eclipse\workspace\opentaps-1.4\hot-deploy\opentaps-common\build-aspects.xml:152: Unable to rename old file (D:\eclipse\workspace\opentaps-1.4\framework\entity\build\lib\ofbiz-entity.jar) to temporary file

It is due to another process, often the windows indexer or antivirus scanner locking the file ofbiz-entity.jar (most AV will try to scan this file at this point because it was just compiled). The solution is to disable the AV scanner on opentaps files (or completely), and to disable the windows indexing service.

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