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Test Receive Non-serialized Inventory Item


  1. Login to the warehouse application as "demowarehouse1/opentaps"
  2. Go to the Receive Inventory Item Screen under the "Inventory" tab.
  3. Enter any one of the following in the product ID field:
    1. 043000285213
    2. 12345
    3. GZ-1000
  4. Select "non-serialized" for inventory item type


You'll be taken to a screen for receiving the product GZ-1000 This screen will show:

Product  Tiny Gizmo (GZ-1000)
SKU      12345
UPC      043000285213

You will see fields for a lot ID, quantity accepted, and unit price.

Test Receive Serialize Inventory Item


Repeat the above, but select "serialized" for inventory item type


Same as the above, except you will not see the fields for quantity accepted or lot ID, but you will see a field for serial number.

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