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Information about Web Store orders is available via the [Order History] button on the header line of the Web Store pages.

The Customer can see the orders they have entered via the Web Store, as well as the history of orders shipped to them via the Web Store as follows:

* Click: [Order History] button, on the Web Store header line,
* The Order History page opens displaying three boxes.

These three boxes display the following status information:

  • Order History for orders entered by you -- and the following data,
    • Date
    • Order Nbr
    • Amount
    • Status
    • Invoices
    • [View] Button - to view details or initiate cancellation
  • Order History for orders sent to you -- and the following data,
    • Date
    • Order Nbr
    • Amount
    • Status
    • [View] Button - to view details
  • Downloads Available Title - and the following data,
    • Order Nbr
    • Product Name
    • Name
    • Description
    • [View] Button - to view details or initiate downloads

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