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Note on DOJO

The DOJO files can be combined using the packager included with the DOJO sources. The opentaps DOJO files are based on the 0.9.0 release.

To make a packaged DOJO:

  • get the release tarball with sources: dojo-release-0.9.0-src.tar.gz
  • define the profile (set of modules included in a package) by creating util/buildscripts/profiles/opentaps.profile.js with:
  dependencies = {
       layers: [
                       name: "opentaps-dojo.js",
                       dependencies: [
       prefixes: [
                  [ "dijit", "../dijit" ],
                  [ "dojox", "../dojox" ]
  • in util/buildscripts : do ./build.sh profile=opentaps action=release copyTests=false
  • get the files from release/dojo
  • this includes a opentaps-dojo.js which will be used later

Note that for opentaps dome patches were applies (see the revision control system).

To include in a HTML page, the simple dojo.js must still be included first

Packing other JS files

From hot-deploy/opentaps-common/webapp/js:

  • merge the various scripts
  cat protoaculous.1.8.2.p1.6.1.min.js ../../../../framework/images/webapp/images/calendar_date_select.js opentaps.js selectall.js fieldlookup.js formwidget.js opentapsDisplayEffects.js opentapsWindow.js shortcuts.js jscalendar-1.0/calendar.js jscalendar-1.0/calendar-setup.js > opentaps-packed1.js
  jsmin <opentaps-packed1.js >opentaps-packed.js
  • merge with the dojo package in hot-deploy/opentaps-common/webapp/js/dojo_0.90/dojo
  cat opentaps-dojo.js ../../opentaps-packed.js > opentaps-dojo-packed.js

CSS files

The CSS files where already merged, except the jscalendar CSS (since this is an external module), to merge it, in hot-deploy/opentaps-common/webapp/css

  cat opentaps.css ../js/jscalendar-1.0/calendar-system.css > opentaps-packed.css

To further reduce the CSS file size an external CSS compressor can be used (for example http://www.cleancss.com/).

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