General Receiving Purchase Orders Test

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This test verifies that each of the receiving screens could only receive their own specialized items.


Follow instructions on Making a Product with One Outsourced Step to create a purchase order for OUTSOURCE0001, but before creating the purchase order, go back to order items and add the following:

  • 50 of GZ-1000
  • 1 of ASSET-001
  • 1 of SUPPLY-001

Approve the purchase order.


On Warehouse > Inventory >> Receive Against PO, you should only be able to receive GZ-1000.

On Warehouse > Manufacturing >> Receive Outsourced PO, you should only be able to receive OUTSOURCE0001

On Purchasing > Orders >> Invoice Supplies, you should only be able to invoice SUPPLY-001

There are currently no screens for receiving the fixed asset ASSET-001 at this time.

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