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opentaps helps you track the estimated delivery dates of products that you have purchased from your suppliers, so that you can keep your customers informed of when their products will arrive and ship. You can set the next estimated delivery date for any item on an open purchase order and modify these estimated delivery dates over time as needed using the Edit Delivery Dates Screen. Your customer service and sales reps will be able to see the estimated delivery date for any open purchase order items from the View Order Screen in opentaps CRM. You can also run the Estimated Delivery Dates Report to see a list of the open purchase order items which have estimated delivery dates for them.

At this time, the system only supports one estimated delivery date per item on an open purchase order, so it should be thought of as the next estimated delivery date for this purchased item. It does not support entering and maintaining a schedule of deliveries for an item on a purchase order over time.

Also, there is currently no explicit linkage between a sales and a purchase order item for the purpose of estimated delivery dates. Therefore, when you use the View Order Screen in opentaps CRM, the system will show you a list of the estimated delivery dates of all purchase order items for the same product that is on the same order. If you have several sales orders with the same product, they will show the same delivery dates.

Finally, the system currently will not adjust delivery dates automatically. Therefore, the estimated delivery dates must be maintained by your purchasing team.

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