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This screen is used to configure Backup Warehouses for your organization's Primary Warehouses and for use with the Material Resources Planning functionality.

To access this function proceed as follows:

*  Open this page from Main Navigation screen: Purchasing Icon > Planning Tab
*  Click: [Configure Warehouses] button, the Configure Warehouses Screen opens
*  First select the Primary Warehouse, from the drop down box, then Click: [Select]
    (Some backup warehouses may be listed on this drop down box also, so be careful to 
    select your primary warehouse for which you intend to configure the backups in the 
    later steps.)
*  The Backup Warehouses table opens and any existing backup warehouses are listed. 
    Each backup line includes:
                ** the effective From and Thru dates and
                ** a Priority number defining the backup sequence for the inventory sources
*  Use the [Update] button to update these entries
*  Use the [Remove] button to remove a backup warehouse  

To add an existing or a new warehouse as a backup to the selected Primary Warehouse:

*  Click: [Add Existing] to Add an existing warehouse as a backup follow the directions at 
    this link > add an existing warehouse as a backup warehouse
*  Click: [Add New] to create and then add a new warehouse as a backup. Follow the 
    directions at this link > create and then add a new warehouse as a backup warehouse.

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