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Who Uses opentaps?

opentaps is used by a number of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to startups.

Here are some of the organizations that have deployed opentaps:

  • Industrial machinery manufacturers
  • Online goods retailers
  • Online content distributors
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Independent software vendors
  • Hosted service providers

And here is what they are using opentaps for:

  • As a fully integrated ERP and CRM suite, handling everything from leads, order management, and customer service to purchasing, production planning, inventory management, and manufacturing, to shipping and accounting.
  • As a specialized production and purchasing planning and scenario analysis tool
  • As a CRM tool for sales force and customer service automation
  • As an inventory, order, and accounting back end application for PHP front end stores
  • As an ecommerce platform supporting multiple online stores with special offers, promotions, and gift certificates
  • As a specialized vertical industry billing solution
  • As a hosted ecommerce product offering

Take a look at the opentaps Community and see some of the companies in different industries around the world who are using opentaps today.

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