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What's in opentaps?

opentaps is a reality thanks to the work of many open source communities and their developers.  Here are the  major open source projects used by opentaps:

  • Apache DBCP, Derby, and Geronimo for database access;
  • Apache OFBiz for base framework and application logic which were extended in opentaps, and the e-commerce, human resources, project management, point of sales, and administrative applications in opentaps
  • Apache Tomcat for embedded web server used by opentaps
  • AspectWerkz for  aspect oriented programming (AOP)
  • Funambol for integration with Microsoft Outlook, mobile phones, and web-based e-mail such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail
  • Google Web Toolkit and GWT-Ext for designing user-friendly Ajax widgets
  • Hibernate for object-oriented data persistence and Hibernate Search for search
  • JasperReports and iReport for reporting
  • Pentaho for business intelligence, including data warehousing and ETL
  • Spring framework

In addition, opentaps offers integration with the following open source projects:

  • Asterisk voice over IP PBX
  • Magento e-commerce system
  • MySQL open source database
  • PostgreSQL open source database

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can opentaps work with ether MySQL or PostgreSQL?

A: Yes. opentaps ERP + CRM is compatible with either MySQL or PostgreSQL.  opentaps Analytics can also work with opentaps ERP data in either MySQL or PostgreSQL, but it uses a MySQL data warehouse.

Q: What is the difference between OFBiz and opentaps?

A:  Early versions of opentaps were modules which ran on top of OFBiz.   Recent versions of opentaps continue to incorporate the latest release version of OFBiz with all of its features. opentaps then enhances the basic OFBiz system with:

  • additional features in core ERP and CRM areas, including customer service, CRM, order management, warehouse and management, purchasing, planning, and financials and budgeting.
  • enhanced user interface
  • additional open source projects, such as those listed above
  • object oriented domain driven architecture
  • automated testing and test driven development process

Q: What is the difference between JasperReports and Pentaho?

A: Pentaho and JasperReports are both open source business intelligence suites.  In opentaps, we use Jasper reports primarily for reporting and Pentaho for data integration, such as extraction-transformation-load (ETL)  into a data warehouse.  opentaps allows you to design your Jasper reports with the iReport graphical report designer, load them into opentaps, and run the reports from opentaps.  opentaps also supports the Pentaho Data Integration, also known as Kettle, and so you can use the Spoon Design tool to lay out your ETL graphically, save your transformations, and then have opentaps run them.

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