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INTIGAS of Peru chooses opentaps

Founded in 1983, INTI GAS S.A.C. is the largest distributor of gas in Peru and the sponsor of the well-known INTI GAS DEPORTES Football Club based in Ayacucho, Peru. The company has over 400 employees and sells and distributes its products through a network of eight distributors throughout Peru.

In 2008, the management of INTI GAS looked critically at its technology needs and decided to make a change. Like many companies, INTI GAS began to rely on a of software developed in different languages, such as FoxPro and Clipper, and some key processes have never been automated. INTI GAS decided that it needed a centralized business management software to support all its businesses and connect it with all the distributors throughout Peru. However, in an emerging economy such as Peru’s, the licensing cost of commercial ERP software make them out of reach. Furthermore, INTI GAS needed an application which was flexible enough to adapt to the local requirements, including regulations thay change from year to year. Therefore, INTI GAS decided to adopt the opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM system because of its features, flexibility, and scalability.

Working with Peruvian developer Jose Diaz, INTI GAS to use opentaps for accounting, inventory management, logistics, sales force automation and CRM, and eventually human resources and payroll. Jose has helped INTI GAS customize opentaps to meet local requirements and, more importantly, understand the business processes defined in opentaps. As the new system has come online, and it has made a significant difference in helping to automate the tasks of INTI GAS employees and give management better control over the customers, sales, and assets of the company. Long-term, INTI GAS plans to use opentaps to connect with all its business partners.

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